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When I was a younger mom, I juggled: running a yarn company, 3 kids (+ extras!), home, husband, farm animals, church responsibilities. Now that my life has been simplified, I wonder how I did it. I watch my amazing daughter-in-law juggle as many things and I am both awed and am thankful I don’t do that anymore! It’s exhausting and busy and stresses me now. I get impatient and unkind. I like quiet time. I like having days with nothing written on the calendar.

Lately, I’ve found myself juggling again. Not nearly so many things. Mostly I’m juggling different sides of my business life. I spend most of my work days designing for companies like Red Heart, Cascade, Willow, Love of Knitting, Creative Knitting, Soho, Cast On and others. But I also like to have some of my own Ravelry work poking along in the background. I don’t publish a lot of patterns, but each one is a victory because it is a design that is all mine. I didn’t have anyone else approve it or change it. I’ve done it just the way I like. I’ve then spent time and money for photography, layout, tech editing and test knitting. When it finally goes up on Ravelry for sale, the sales are all mine, forever. Now I’ve added a third part to my daily work: Zombie Yarns. I’m launching a hand dyed yarn company. It’s a big goal but I’ve done it before so I’m not worried. I’m excited! The only problem is juggling, working on all of these at the same time whether I’m in the mood or not.

Now who is going to cook my dinner?